You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too…

Oh how blissfully true the above is… I prayed for rain and I definitely got mud too!

Thinking of taking part in a Tough Mudder event? Read on….


Having completed the Tough Mudder 2016, with the sun beating down on us, more sweat than I have ever seen in my life and more tears than I have ever cried watching Marley & Me… This year for Tough Mudder 2017, I wished for rain! I repeatedly told my brothers, “I hope it rains and it’s cooler this year”…

I think for the first time in my life, one of my wishes actually came true! It definitely rained… A lot! And it was pleasantly cooler… AND it was a 100% muddier!!!

Rain + Tough Mudder = Mud, Mud and MORE Mud!

I learnt the true definition of Tough Mudder! And it was incredible!

I never even use to like mud, I mean who likes mud, really?! However….

I have never wanted to roll around in mud so much in my life… It was everywhere! I was the happiest pig in the world! And even happier when we beat our target of £200.00 for Alzheimers UK!

I can’t possibly describe the feelings and the overwhelming sense of achievement you get when completing a Tough Mudder… The atmosphere is beyond incredible, and the team morale of everyone is more than you’d ever expect. Until the end when you all want to escape the car park, Team spirit is goooone! You’re on your own. It’s a fight til death!

I learnt a few things from the Tough Mudder this year: –

  1. I never knew how addicted you could get to wanting more sweat bands! I can’t wait for the next Tough Mudder so I can rock my x3 headband! I want moooore…
  2. Don’t wear a padded t-shirt bra… Water, Mud – I felt like I was carrying around two water melons in my bra… I now know how extra large busted people feel on a daily basis!
  3. More of a lesson for my brother and partner… Trail trainers, not normal trainers… Whilst everyone else is going up, you seem to keep on going back down? Hmmm…
  4. When you chuck everyone in mud – you some how regain faith in the human race! There are actually still nice people left in the world, 3 Million of them, willing to help and cheer on total strangers… Want to cheer someone up, maybe ask for help? I’ll just carry around a bag of mud from now on and throw it at people… Reckon I will get the same reaction?
  5. I actually like my brothers…..

You get all kinds of people at these events, from every walk of life… We are all equal and everyone treats everyone equally (shame it can’t be like that all the time eh?!). It’s probably the only place in the world where you truly feel as though you have no judging eyes pointing in your direction, you 100% belong there with everyone else and everyone has a reason for being there. And you all have the same goal in mind, “I’m going to do this, and I am going to complete it”.

You will never laugh so much in your life at someone slipping and belly flopping in mud! Or that horrendous face we all pull when plunging into the Artic Enema… Or the funny bop and trip we do when we first get zapped by the Electric Shock Therapy… Laughs, laughs and more laughs…

If you haven’t tried a Tough Mudder yet… And you are still contemplating it… DO IT! You won’t regret it! Every scratch and bump is 100% worth it!

I am going for two next year!!! See you there!





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