I love the sounds and the power of pounding water, whether it is the waves or a waterfall…

Planning a trip to the Ingleton Waterfall Trail?

There is something amazingly satisfying and beautiful about standing and watching the flowing water crashing down and hitting the water below.

It’s like being a kid again and believing that magic still exists. Because waterfalls are truly magical and stunning, no matter how big or small they may be.

They are beautiful but yet powerful.

The sound of the running water is like music to the ears. If heaven exists, I hope it is full of waterfalls!

The beauty of the Ingleton waterfalls is that there is not just one waterfall – hence it being called the Waterfall trail! There are 5 waterfalls in total: –

  • Pecca Falls
  • Thornton Force
  • Beezley Falls
  • Rival Falls
  • Snow Falls

Not only are there 5 Waterfalls, but there is also all the beauty inbetween! It truly is a breath taking trail.

The trail itself is a 4.3 mile hike – they recommend that you give yourself 2 – 4 hours to complete the trail.

Depending on what plans you have, adjust your time you have given yourself accordingly.

On our visit, we had 4 children with us and also took a picnic, our 2 lovely springers and 8 adults. We only made it to the second Waterfall and it took us 2 hours to get there!

If you are a nature lover like myself and my brothers, the chances of you making it around in their advised times is not going to happen! You will spend a lot of your time taking in the amazing surroundings that you end up forgetting you are suppose to be walking, between eating your picnic (which there are some great spots to stop!), to taking a 100 photos of the same Waterfall, time literally passes you by!

A few advisories if you are planning a walk with your family: –

  • Forget the push chair, you will get 2 minutes into the walk and realise it is never going to happen!
  • Don’t wear flip flops or pumps! I even saw one lady walking around in wedged heels?! The further you get into the trail, you can say goodbye to your shoes, especially if it has been raining. Please wear suitable walking shoes! You’ll be glad you did!
  • Take your camera!
  • Take a rain coat. When it rains you get wet (obviously). Even if it isn’t forecasted, pack one just in case. It is a long trail so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared!
  • As advised, really do keep your dogs on their leads! There are a lot of “dangerous” areas where it is not safe for dogs to wander off the lead – the signs don’t lie!
  • For the same reason as above, keep a close eye on your children! Don’t worry about your husband or wife though, it’s a great place if you want to make them just “disappear”.
  • Take a change of clothes for your kids… Kids love mud. Not matter how many times you tell them to keep out of it, they some how Ninja themselves into it followed by a “it was an accident” *puppy dog eyes*. If it has been raining, there is a fair amount of mud on the trail.
  • Don’t forget your pennies for the Money Tree!

You do have to pay to get in, which sometimes puts people off. But it is truly worth every penny so do not let it deter you! It is £15.00 for a family ticket (2 adults & upto 3 Children), not a badly priced family day out tbf!

We only made it around to the second waterfall, then the rain came pouring down – and… we was not prepared! Soggy dogs, grumpy children – apparently it wasn’t a wildlife park so we weren’t allowed to leave them behind… Hmmm.

Below are some of the stunning views that you will get to see with your own eyes if you take a trip to Ingleton Waterfall Trail: –


I hope you enjoy your visit!

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