If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet…

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

A 7 hour journey, from Sheffield to Somerset – Google map lies, it definitely wasn’t a 3 and half hour journey… For the first time ever, I actually begged for the kids to make a racket instead of asking them to “shush it, we’re in a confined space!”. The song “I know a song that will get on your nerves” was like angels singing as I battled the insanity brewing in my head..

From the sat nav being accidentally set to “avoid motorways”, and therefore taking me on a tour of my home city, whilst I’m thinking “this is a very awkward long routed way to get to the M1” before I finally twigged (30 minutes later)… And then later on the lovely most luxorious road in the country, the M42! Oh, how we all love that road!

We finally arrived at our camping destination – after a bit of driving up and down, thinking “is this is it, it doesn’t look like it is” and “go on Tia, you can go through the gate, and up the field to see if you can find someone, scream if you need help so that we can drive off”.

The greatness of going at the end of the Summer season – the campsite was all ours! When you get told “pick a place, and pitch anywhere”. The excitement kicks in! But also with being 100% exhausted and running on fumes, we decided to pitch under the trees.. Who wants sunshine shining on the tents in the morning anyway huh! That nice warm morning sun warming up your tents so you don’t freeze you arse off the entire time, naaaah!

We setup camp and waited for the rest of the gang to arrive! And then all the fun would truly begin as our mini weekend adventures continued…

And it really was a fun packed weekend of adventures – we even got the usually typical English weather, beautiful glorious sunshine one day and torrential rain the following day (obviously when we needed to pack up our tents).

Everyone finally arrived hours apart from each other – as it normally goes. All setup with our little camping village, we all set off for bed so we were bright eyed and bushy tailed for the next day…

I then learnt, that whilst I thought I was 100% prepared for camping… When you are laying in your sleeping bag, tossing and turning, “Maybe if I lay like this I will get warm” – you then realise that you was -100% prepared… Kicking yourself “Yes Leanne, it may be summer, but you live in England not Spain! It still gets chilly at night”.

I then heard “Aunty Leanne”, yes! I was not the only one still awake at 2am in the morning! “I need a wee!”… Oh no, oh no, I’m going to have to go outside… I slowly start crying inside… Dreading the outdoors, which I had previously loved…. “ooook, let’s go”.

The cold instantly hit us, I was not trekking across the field, the 2 minute walk seemed like a whole desert to walk across! Meh, lets camp in style, we’ll go behind the tent! .. We started walking back around to the front of the tent, with sadness in our eyes and longly looking at the tent thinking “screw you”… And then the car glissened in the moon light (yes, I am over dramatising, in that moment it felt like we were living a fairytale, where the Princess meets her Prince Charming) – “let’s sleep in the car!” Genius, in we popped with our sleeping bags, on goes the bum warmers! Oh yes, now this is glamping… We slept like babies! Cheat, meh, who cares!

Me and my niece were definitely bright eyed and busy tailed – not sure I could say the same about everyone else… Mwahaha!

Day 1 – Warleigh Weir!

We started our journey towards Warleigh Weir, via food!

I don’t think Tesco has every seen a group as large as our hit their cafe, and I think they quickly regretted forgetting to take down their breakfast menu.

“Oh we forgot to take it down, but we’ll do you a breakfast” – oh bad decision, “can I have the bigger breakfast”, “can I have two of the bigger breakfast”, “can I have a bigger breakfast too please”.

However, the staff were absolutely brilliant, joined in on the jokes and amazingly did so well at providing us all our food.

With our bellies full, we continued on our way to Warleigh Weir…

We parked on the A36 and then took a nice walk across the fields to get to Ferry Lane. A little word of advice, don’t even attempt to park on Ferry Lane, it is narrow and limited on parking.

From where we parked on the A36 there was a nice walk across a field to get down to Ferry Lane – the view was beautiful!


Cars do drive up and down Ferry Lane – which is a tight squeeze so please be cautious when walking down.

At the bottom of the road is a train track crossing – there are gates either side of the tracks.

Once over the other side, Warleigh Weir is to your right! And it amazing!

There is also a massive field which the kids can play in as well as going natural swimming in the water! They absolutely loved it! It is a perfect cheap day out and it is enjoyed by all of the family!

A couple of advisories if you are planning on taking a trip to Warleigh Weir: –

  • The edge of the waterfall is extremely slippy in places so tread carefully otherwise you will be taking a short trip down the fall
  • Take extra towels! The kids are in and out the water like yo-yos, but as the water is quite cold, as soon as they get out it hits them! Before you know it, the towels are drenched… Say goodbye to the towel/blanket you are chilling on, because it will no longer be yours…
  • There are a lot of stinging nettles, so if you are planning on going for a wee! Watch that bum!
  • Don’t forget your camera! There are a lot of incredible shots you can get if you are into your photography, and also, who wants to miss out on capturing those special moments!
“I’m going under!”

I would 100% recommend a visit to Warleigh Weir!

As the day grew to an end and the kids decided they were now far too cold – we packed up and headed back for camp!

Day 2 – Wooky Hole Caves

It was the last day of camp, so before we could set off on our way to Wooky Hole Caves, that dreaded moment we all hate, it was packing up time… When you look at everything and you just think “how on earth did I fit that all in my car” and “why did I not just invest in a pop up tent!”.

The rain just kept on coming and the tents were drenched… We all had that mutual silence of “you know if you even attempt to talk to me right now, I will kill you”.

Long story short – as it really did take almost 2 hours to get everything down – we all survived!

Finally, everything was packed away and we were on our way to enjoy the last part of our mini adventure! Wooky Hole Caves…

When we arrived, the rain was pouring down more than ever… We all looked like drowned rats as we walked up to the caves… And then had to walk back down again, as we (bad friends) hadn’t yet stopped for food for our friend who is diabetic.. For those of you who do not know about diabetes, it is not good!

Fortunately she was ok, we walked back down to the cafe at the bottom of the hill near where you purchase your tickets (please remember to get your tickets at the bottom! As there is no ticket box at the top)… The only reason she ended up almost dying was because of the price of the cafe! Oooo wow! Was that brutal!

The caves is not a cheap day out – not at all! But it is a great day out with the family, so please budget yourselves accordingly and look up the ticket prices before heading to Wooky Hole. Also look up any vouchers as there are a few dangling about to give children free entry.

I would also advise packing your own food. However, none of the cafes inside allow you to eat your food in doors, plenty of signs to state “only food bought from the cafe”. However, there are plenty of benches etc. dotted around outside where you can perch to eat your food.

I am not going to lie though, if you like caves, the entry fee was worth it. The caves are absolutely amazing and beautiful… Your tour guide tells you the history of the caves, along with a story about a witch, which we couldn’t workout if it was just a made up story (yes, I know actual witches aren’t real) or along the lines of a true story (I still need to google it!).


The above is a photo that I took inside the caves – with no filter! The lighting in the photo is from the lights that have been put into the caves which made for a spectacular photo!

As well as doing tours of the caves, they also have people go to the caves to scuba dive and also cave.

Whilst we were there, they had climbers exploring the caves and doing an expedition to see if they could find any other chambers! Pretty cool huh!

They also store cheese in the caves – for some reason or another, that I wasn’t listening to as I am highly lactose intolerant but love cheese so it’s literally like rubbing it in your face… “Look at aaaaaall this cheese… That you can’t have… Mwahaha”. I’m just going to go around the corner and sulk here for a little while!

I’ve got to admit, this is one of the first caves I have been to in a fair amount of years – so I don’t really have any comparison to any others so to me, this one was amazing!

Once you get out of the caves, there is still a lot to do. From looking around the dinsaurs, 3D cinema, play area, museum, etc.. There was even a carnival!

The carnival was great! It is a small production led by local adults and children! My little nephew really enjoyed it!

This again, is a lovely family day out! It is great for the kids! More so after the caves, than whilst in the caves for the kids.

The day at Wooky Hole Caves was over – the kids tired and still wet, it was time for the long journey back to Sheffield.

Cutting a long story short about our journey home… It was long! Half an hour shorter than the journey to Somerset! The journey involved the usual tired family disagreement, and then ending it with falling into our own beds… With a “aaaah, there is no place like home” as you listen to the peace and quiet fall on your ears! Zzzzz.

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