I never let my best friend do stupid things…. Alone.

“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it” – Hubert H. Humphrey.

True friendships are truly amazing and every friendship is unique in it’s own way…

As time goes by, from nursery to high school, onto college, university – most friends pass through the net and on most occasions you don’t hear from them again, even after some of the most memorable moments you have spent together.

But some friends throughout the years stick like superglue! And they won’t budge, even in your darkest times where it has seemed like you have done nothing but push them away. Instead, they sat with you in silence.

I believe as you get older, we all have a filter down friendship process subconciously or conciously… Sometimes as you get older life just becomes too busy with work, running a household and picking the children up from school that those “bitty friends” just naturally fade out. The one’s that were never truly a friend, but the occasional “pub mate”.

Then you have the one’s that you definitely select out and think “my word, why have I associated myself with you for all these years”. As you grow up, you start paying attention to more of your surroundings and what people are saying, and what they truly mean when they say it. You realise it isn’t just bullies in school that were awful and that they are now gone, because they truly are not. Some people can be bullies all their lives, or simply turn into bullies the older they get. And regardless of the phsychology that may potentially be behind it, it is just not nice and it is a negative emotion that latches itself onto you.

There are also the one’s that are not bullies, but my word are they incredibly selfish! I found throughout the years that selfish self-centred people just drain the life out of you, I like to refer to them as the “me me mates”. No great success you have achieved is great to them because they have done better! Or if you are going through a hard time, oh no, all of a sudden they have a situation that is a lot worse than yours.

I do not regret the “bullies” or the “me me mates” that I have crossed-paths with in my life, in fact I thank them. I cherish the memories I did share with them and some were unforgettable in a great way. However, most importantly is that they helped me grow as person and taught me how I do not want to be.

Now at 26, I have a handful of best friends that I adore more than words could ever explain!

I always wondered how our friendships had lasted so long, some of them I have had a friendship with for 14 years!

At first the answer seemed difficult, but then it became obvious.

Our friendships are effortless, they naturally flow and there are no expectations. We have respected each others directions in life and learnt that as we get older there is less time available with work, children, eduction, etc. Therefore we do not spit our dummies out of our cribs when one is not available to go out for a social event, we compromise. “Oh, you can’t get a babysitter! No problem, I can just come to yours and bring a take-out and a film?”.

Whilst not always being together, we have still grown and celebrated our successes together… We have shared tears of joy and tears of heartbreaking sadness.

Life events have lead each and every single one of us into each others lives, and sometimes instantly or on occasions over time we grow a connection. I say over time because one of my dearest best friends that I now adore, we acutally did not like each other in school!

The connection that we form does not only make us best friends but family. Family is not always blood, friends are the family that we get to choose.

Friends give you the positivity and courage to be happy in life because if you fall, they will pick you up, and when you succeed, they will lift you higher.

But if you generally just fall, they will laugh at you before they decide to pick you up! Or in my case, leave you as I carry on walking down the street talking to myself as I hadn’t realised my best friend had disappeared and was flat out behind me… Well, you would wear silly heals!

I want to say thank you to my amazing beautiful best friends for being the diamonds in my life that have always kept me shining!

Ooo, that’s my lunch break over! Until next time!

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