Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened

“What greater gift than the love of a cat” – Charles Dickens

So yesterday afternoon I got a call from my mother, I could hear the tears at the other end of the phone – the heartbreak – to be told that my beloved cat Pep had sadly been in an accident and didn’t survive.

If you are not a pet lover, or owner, you will never truly understand the loss that fills you when losing a beloved pet. They are around you so often, in a lot of cases you raise them from babies, they very quickly become part of your family and not just a “pet”.

Words cannot describe how much I deeply love Pep! Sometimes you get cats with character, and sometimes you get the really placid puds that literally like to chill 24/7. Pep was totally full of energy and character. Where ever you would be, she would be close by!

Everyday at 5pm as I pulled up outside my home after work she would come dashing outside, sit and meow by my door until I opened it to greet her. If I was poorly, she would curl up on my belly and stay by my side the majority of the day.

I honestly can’t express how much I am going to miss seeing her every single day – apart of normal routine for the last 5 years gone in a blink of an eye. I honestly can’t even say that I took it for granted either, I loved her loyalty (as cat owners know, cats are free roamers and don’t usually have a lot of loyalty towards their owners – they own you!) and her amazing character, the fact she greeted me everyday and when walking up to you she gave you a meow, as if to say hello. How she would flop on the floor in front of you to say “fuss me now human!”. I noticed it all and I would fuss her everytime I saw her, even picked her up and smoothered her with kisses on the top of her head even though she hated.

There is one thing that I do know, she definitely knew she was loved and she was well pampered in her short life of 5 years.

Pep was a litter of 4 – 3 sisters and 1 brother… All such beautiful loving gentle kittens, I had never been in a house so full of life, and 4 kittens all together, you will never laugh so much at the playfulness of them all together! It is beyond adorable and heart warming.

They were all so special to us, as when we had got them from their foster home – we hadn’t realised they all had cat flu. Bandit was the worst, and had to be fed every hour throughout the night by my brother for her to survive – and the little trooper made it, this time.

Out of all 4 cats – we have none left… In 5 years, we have lost all 4 of our beloved cats!

Bandit – she was ran over outside our home. The driver did not stop and someone who walked by had the decency to pick her up and take her to our closest vets, who were then able to contact us and give us the heartbreaking news.

Prim – vanished into thin air, we have no idea if she got stollen, or was also in an accident. This was not long after Bandit passed away.

Alfie – he was ran over last year outside my brothers home in Newbury. Again, the car driver did not stop, and left him to crawl home with a broken pelvis and permanent nerve damage. Sadly, he had to be put to sleep as the damage was too bad.

Pep – was ran over outside my home yesterday, and again the driver did not stop. A lady in another car had the decency to stop and knock on doors to try and locate the owners.

All the above accidents happened at different locations… My mum, who I currently live with, has 3 cats – 2 of which are 15 years old and have never ever been in accidents. So it isn’t that I have been careless and let my babies out into danger – they all have just been extremely unfortunate. I almost feel cursed! And for that my puds have suffered – I can’t help but feel consumed by guilt.

What gets me the most is the insensitivity of the car drivers that run over cats – and do not stop. Like the life they have just taken does not matter at all. You are talking about an animal that has a beating heart and the ability to feel pain just as much as the person stood next to you.

But out of 3 cats – not one single driver who hit them has taken them to the vet, never sent on their apologies.

My bestfriends cat Max got ran over last year – and again, the driver did not stop. Again – another location.

For the drivers who read this – and have hit a cat, and know they have hit one and kept going – you are beyond evil! Accidents happen which are unavoidable, and cats do aimlessly dart, it is one of the risks you take being a cat owner. But for you to know, and still drive off makes you sick… You are talking about an animal that is a member of someone else’s family – dearly loved and treasured. The animal themselves deserve more respect than being left at the side of the road like trash.

For the idiots that speed up and down roads going way above the speed limit – the accident probably could have been avoidable if you didn’t think you were gods gift bombing it around in your 12 years old crappy pimped up Fiesta. Maybe you should think about it before putting your foot down, next time rather than it “just being a cat” as some people like to phrase it, you could actually hit a person or someones child (and yes, no matter how good of a parent you are, sometimes your kids do dash off when looking away for a split second – for those that are reading and trying to think up some form of judgement to make). What are you going to do then? Drive off? .. You will be saying hello to prison walls for a very long time.

I hope the yellow car that drove up my road, Park Drive in Stocksbridge, and hit my cat yesterday afternoon is consumed by guilt! Not at the fact they hit my cat as it was unavoidable, as she got spooked and just ran, but by the fact they did not have the decency to even stop and check she was still alive!

To the man that stayed around as he felt responsible for spooking my dear Pep, I do not blame you at all. Pep absolutely loved humans and was very rarely spooked by anyone. Cats have really sensitive hearing and she was probably more than likely spooked by something else nearby. Thank you for staying with her until the owners were found – I really appreciate your kindness. And a special thanks to the lady in the car that stopped, and was knocking on doors to find the owners. You are truly kind hearted people that have bought ease to us at this sad time. Knowing that she wasn’t just abandoned and left alone has bought us some comfort.

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