In a world where you can be anything, be kind”

“Take time to be kind and to say ‘thank you'” – Zig Ziglar

So today I went to Cost Co and bought a whole bunch of large cupcakes – I think you can pretty much call them mini cakes rather than cupcakes to be honest!


I quite often treat my staff members and the rest of the team to little treats, as I always say it is the little things that count.

They work hard and for it, other than the pay pack they receive every month from the top dog, I like to show my appreciation! Either by little treats or Pizza Friday the last day of every month – they even get easter eggs at Easter!

It is my way, other than the usual words of “well done”, “great work team”, to show how much I appreciate what they do for the company! Their hardwork means happy customers – without them, we wouldn’t be able to run.

Some mardy bums will do the usual “that’s what they get paid for”, but even so, yes it is their job, and yes they do the job that they were employeed to do. But it does not mean that you should not make them feel valued – and that’s what the little things like gifts and treats do. Everyone should always be made to feel valued!

And I must say, we have a pretty damn good team at Navigator!

I even gave some of the cupcakes to the builders outside as I walked by… I had no idea who they were, in fact the first time I had ever seen them was this morning when they were taking up bricks from the pavement.

But as I walked by with three boxes full of cupcakes their eyes lit up! And one even gave me a thumbs up… As I walked passed the first one, he was like nice! So I simply said “would you like one?”. He looked quite shocked!

His response was “are you sure? Would you like some money?”… Obviously my answer was of course not! As his hands were filthy, smiling away, I got one out of the box and placed it in his hand and then asked if his mate would like one.

“It’s ok, we can just cut this one in half – thank you”… Well I am not one to share my food, not when it comes to cutting it in half anyways! So I passed him another and said his mate can have one of his own.

As I started walking away, he said again “thank you so much, we really appreciate this” with a smile.

Having been stood in the cold all morning and afternoon – a kind gesture appeared to really make their day. And it was only a small gesture, but as I say so frequently, it is the small things that matter, that really count.

It’s not a hard motion to be nice, even when someone may not return the gesture back (i.e. a smile or even a thanks). At the end of the day we can’t stop being kind due to the small minority if unkind people.

I mean I am not going to totally lie, I do occasionally reply with saracasm if I have held the door open for a family of three and not one person can even spit out the words “ta”. I usually respond to the silence with a loud “you’re welcome”. Hey! They may say thank you next time! People say that sarcasm is the lowest form of whit but pfffft, sometimes it’s appropriate!

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